Small Reciprocating Lubricant2545E10FP Compressor

All Season T-30 Select

All Seasons Select lubricant is a synthetic, all-temperature blend that is designed to increase efficiency, reduce wear and prevent carton building.  It performs four times longer than petroleum-based lubricants.  Recommended 2,000 hours of service between lubricant change-out under normal operating conditions.

XL-300 Oil

  • Prevents carbon build-up
  • Extended life

Large Reciprocating CompressorsESV Compressor


Ingersoll Rand’s XL-740 and XL-700 large reciprocating lubricants are both high quality, diester-based synthetic lubricants designed to eliminate carbon build-up and residue formation.  XL-740 has been crafted specifically for Ingersoll Rand Type 40 compressors, which often operate in severe duty environments, white XL-700 meets the operating requirements of Ingersoll Rand’s complete family of large reciprocating compressors.

XL-700 Oil  

Should be used for water cooled compressors operating at standard pressures and ambient conditions.


  • Higher flash point than mineral lubricants
  • Decrease operating temperatures
  • Eliminate the build-up of carbon deposits on critical valve part



XL-740HT Oil  

Should be used for water cooled compressors operating at high pressure and elevated ambient conditions.  The XL-740HT is also recommended for use in the 25 through 125 horsepower Type 40 air-cooled compressors.

  • Reduce labor costs by lowering your maintenance requirements
  • Extend the life cycle of wearing parts
  • Provide maximum wear protection for the cylinder and crankcase areas

Rotary Screw Air CompressorsR160i

Ultra Coolant 

An engineered polyglycol based coolant designed to achieve peak compressor performance for contact cooled rotary screw air compressors – even at the highest temperatures. Ultra Coolant’s unique formulation allows for long life, excellent cooling performance, and improved compressor efficiency.   Unlike typical petroleum coolants, Ultra Coolant offers high thermal conductivity to extend the life of your compressor, its parts and even the coolant itself.

  • Minimize maintenance costs
  • Increase energy savings and equipment reliability
  • Reduce environmental impact
  • Improve compressor efficiency

Ultra FG Coolant

Ingersoll Rand also offers a high quality, H1 and NSF certified food grade lubricant designed specifically to help customers in the food and beverage industries meet their production quality standards.

Ultra EL Coolant  

Ingersoll Rand Ultra Extended Life (EL) advanced synthetic lubricant performs up to twice as long as other rotary lubricants, keeping your compressors running at peak performance, minimizing downtime and lowering lifecycle costs.


Centrifugal Air CompressorsCentac C400

OCV Lubricant

  • Extended operating life
  • Elimination of deposits and build-up caused by fluid breakdown

Techtrol Gold

Ingersoll Rand’s Techtrol Gold III Optimized lubricant is designed to provide the same superior performance over mineral oils that the industry has come to expect from Ingersoll Rand lubricant.

  • Extended operating life
  • Elimination of deposits
  • Superior film strength products against metal-to-metal contact
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Exceeds Centac compressor lubricants specifications