NANO-Purification Solutions

Industrial Filters

centrifugal water separators
performance validated filters
duplex filters
medical sterile filters
vacuum pump protection filters
medical vacuum filters
high capacity flanged filters
high temperature dust filters
mid pressure aluminum filters
high pressure stainless steel filters
mist eliminators

Process Filters

stainless steel industrial filters
sterile air depth filters
sterile air membrane filters
culinary steam filters

Desiccant Dryers

heatless modular desiccant dryers
pneumatic heatless modular desiccant dryers
high pressure compact desiccant dryers
high pressure twin tower desiccant dryers
heatless twin tower desiccant dryers
externally heated twin tower desiccant dryers
blower purge twin tower desiccant dryers
rental twin tower desiccant dryers

Refrigerated Dryers

cycling refrigerated dryers
high temperature cycling refrigerated dryers
high temperature direct expansion refrigerated dryers
open-frame refrigerated process dryers
direct expansion refrigerated dryers
NEMA4 refrigerated dryers

Process Chillers

ferrous and non-ferrous chillers
high efficiency “free-cooling” chillers

Nitrogen Generators

nitrogen generators (up to 98% purity)
ultra-high purity nitrogen generators (up to 99.999% purity)
high membrane nitrogen generators
nitrogen generators for wine industry

Condensate Treatment Systems

Condensate Drains

timed solenoid drains
zero air loss condensate drains