Non Lube Module Filtration

NL Module

The filtering capability of the NL Module exceeds the “Quality Standard for Instrument Air” as defined by the Instrument Society of America. It is capable of removing oil and water liquid/mist down to .5 ppm by weight. The NL Module uses both mechanical and centrifugal action to remove up to 99% of all solid particles and droplets of water or oil before the air reaches the filter element. The separated contaminates will drop to the bottom of the filter housing for discharge through a drain valve.
A separate prefilter and moisture separator is not required for the removal of solids and condensate moisture. The filter pressure drop at rated flow is not more than .5 psig when element is new and the maximum pressure drop throughout element life will not exceed 2 psi. The expected element life at rated performance conditions would be at least 10 years.


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