Sierra Machinery, Inc.

Compressed Air – “The Fourth Utility”

Compressed Air is often called “The Fourth Utility”.  Why not? Electricity, Gas and Water are all necessary in the day to day activity of a production plant.  If you lost one of these utilities the plant would be shutdown.  In most modern plants and manufacturing facilities the same would be true with Compressed Air.  You make sure that your electrical, gas and water supplies are sufficient for your production and often have backup plans should you lose any of these important utilities. It is like buying insurance against catastrophic illness or property destruction in you personal life.

Compressed Air is different, since many plants put air systems in a dark back room or outside in the elements. They turn them on each day and forget about them.  When something goes wrong with the air system and it quits working or becomes weak, then they remember.  When your air system stops or slows your production does the same thing and it is an emergency.  What no backup?  That was not in the budget.  The budget also did not include a cool, clean and  spacious compressor room to house the heart of your plant.  The budget was then a little too small for a Maintenance Contract that would have given you clues to when something bad was about to happen, but you did change the filters and fluids in the last year or so didn’t you?

Think about the costs involved when your compressor system goes down and compare it to a good backup system, a good compressor home and consistant maintenance for the heart of your production.  I think you will find it easier to buy the insurance.